About Discovery Technician

Our methodology is science-based, our results are reproducible, and our watchword is strategy. We pride ourselves on recovering useful digital evidence, in admissible form, and delivering concise reports that clarify rather than confuse.

The team at Discovery Technician has a track-record working hand-in-hand with counsel to bolster legal strategy. Discovery Technician has led successful eDiscovery efforts in a wide range of cases, including personal injury, medical malpractice, insurance defense, real property, family/divorce, and social media abuse. We are also experienced and available to work on select criminal cases.

Discovery Technician is a Nevada company and a branch of Privacy Technician, Incorporated, a registered Nevada corporation since 2004.

Ira Victor, Chief Forensic Analyst

Ira Victor has more than two decades of information security and digital forensics experience. He  uses a client-oriented approach to legal consulting, rejecting the industry’s customary reliance on programmatic and impersonal evidence-gathering. Ira works to understand the facts of each case, with an eye toward preserving client resources.

Ira is named as co-developer on two U.S. patents related to information security, and currently has a third patent pending approval at the United States Patent and Trademark Office. His professional background includes work in electronic payment systems, enterprise mail hosting, incident response, data forensics, and eDiscovery.

As a member of Infragard, Ira undergoes regular FBI background checks.

Ira was a founding partner of Data Clone Labs, a Nevada company specializing in digital forensics, incident response, secure email management, and eDiscovery services from 2004 – 2016.

Global Information Assurance Certification body (GIAC)

  • G2700: GIAC Certified in the International Standards Organization, ISO 27001 Standard for Information Security Management Systems
  • GCFA: GIAC Certified in Digital Forensics and Incident Response
  • GPCI: GIAC Certified in Information Security Management Systems for the protection of Credit Card Data
  • GSEC: GIAC Certification in Information Security and Controls

ISACA, Formerly known as Information Systems Audit and Control Association

  • CGEIT: ISACA Certified in the Governance of Enterprise Information Technologies
  • CRISC: ISACA Certification in Risk and Information System Control

United States Patents:

  • The United States Patent Number 7,310,660: Co-developer, communication security system using protocol analysis, and other network layer factors, to identify spam and potential cyber criminals.
  • The United States Patent Number 8,423,618: Co-developer, use of cryptographic hashing as a tool to evaluate past email messages versus current email messages, and to make other determinations


  • Sierra Nevada InfraGard, a Program of the FBI, Co-Founder and Board Member
  • SANS Advisory Board (Formerly known as System Administration and Network Security)
  • Invitation-Only Membership: High Tech Crime Investigators Association
  • Former member, Technological Crime Advisory Board, and Technical Privacy Subcommittee, Office of the Nevada Attorney General

Professional Highlights:

  • Led the team that developed and secured the e-commerce sales system for Macy’s, allwoing the company to become the first in the nation to offer an online gift registry.
  • Taught CLEs at the Washoe County Bar Association, the Clark County Bar Association, the Nevada Bar Assocation, the Nevada Justice Association, National Association of Legal Assistants;
  • Guest lecturer at the University of Nevada, Reno and at UNLV


  • Bachelor of Arts, Temple University, with honors